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  • "Hylwa has committed to very aggressive schedules and they even get it done earlier. A lab in seven months is unheard of. Whenever we bid, Hylwa's always in there."

    Dirk Plas: BYK Chemie

  • "Hylwa is committed to on-time delivery. They stick to the budget and stay within the project scope. They work closely with you after the formal end of the project to follow-up on any areas of concern. This sets them apart from other firms."

    Peter Divone: Unilever

  • "Hylwa is honest and has true integrity."

    Heather Smith: Winvian Farms

  • "I really appreciate that they take pride in their work. Others just want to get it done and get their payment. Hylwa pays attention to doing it right so they are happy with it at the end of the job as well. They pay attention to detail and are able to do things that are a bit unusual. Others are fine as long as they build the same thing over and over, but they get lost when things are different. Hylwa is able to flow with different situations." 

    John Martin: John Martin Associates Architects

  • "Hylwa delivers a product that often exceeds landlord expectations. The company's knowledge of the retailer's perspective consistently results in timely delivery of services, positively affecting rent commencement dates."

    Michael Walker: Centro Properties

  • "Top management runs a very good organization. Very seldom do they go back and ask for change orders, unless initiated by the owner."

    George Iskra: BVH Integrated Services

  • "Hylwa has been a tremendous asset to our expansion into the Connecticut market. They have provided unique service that has been invaluable to Paramount in both maintaining and growing our business."

    Maurice Zekaria: Paramount Realty

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